Shepherd’s Pie with Gravy

Warning: This is not for a quick-what-do-I-make-for-dinner?! kind of nights. The prep work takes about 40 minutes, and then it bakes for 35 minutes (during which I strongly encourage you to make the optional gravy to go with it). Don’t try to squeeze this in after a day of running errands or potty training. But if you’ve had a happy day at home, I say this is a fabulous way to end it!

The Shepherd’s Pie from Oh She Glows is worth the time. It’s not a difficult recipe, just lots of chopping, sautéing, mashing and baking. The three Hummingbird Kids get big grins when they hear we’re having shepherd’s pie. And they make sure I’m making the gravy. I’m telling you, make the gravy.

Original recipes:

Oh She Glows Shepherd’s Pie

Gravy (you have to scroll down a ways to get to the gravy recipe)

I make very few adjustments when I make this! I don’t have a scale to weigh the potatoes, so I just peel potatoes until I have a relatively full pot. Actually, I don’t always peel my potatoes. Also, I don’t use oil when sautéing vegetables, and I use a gluten free flour blend. I have used parsnips as the recipe suggests, but I have also used sweet potatoes. And sometimes I add other vegetables as well. I don’t dice them small, though, because that would take too much time. When Miss A chops the carrots, we usually have large and small pieces :).

Since we don’t have a microwave, this does not make the best leftovers. I don’t mind eating it room temperature over a salad for lunch, but the kids would much rather it hot out of the oven.

Company factor: Yes. I served this for company and got fabulous reviews. It looks lovely with a tossed green salad. And gravy. 🙂