Basic Hummus

fat free vegan hummus

My kids like to dip their raw veggies. Even the Little Guy eats them willingly if they are cut up thinly and he has something to dip them in. Hummus is an obvious dip choice, but my children are rather particular about their hummus. It has to be perfectly smooth, not too thick, and full of flavor. No bland hummus for them. Their favorite is

Fat Free Vegan’s Hummus in the Blender

Hummingbird Changes:

I don’t really change the recipe except for using plain ol’ paprika rather than smoked paprika. I use canned chickpeas, though I have high hopes of eventually switching to dried beans. Canned chickpeas make it incredibly easy to whip together last minute. Susan Voisin gives a range for a few of the ingredients. Because of the kids I typically err on the side of less, and it still has plenty of flavor. I haven’t tried any of her variations.