Thai Pizza

We have some serious pizza lovers in our house. Not one of them seems to be bothered by the fact that we don’t put cheese on ours. And vegetables they might otherwise poke at get happily eaten when cooked atop a crust and sauce. It’s remarkable really.

One of our favorite flavors is Thai pizza. Peanut butter, soy sauce, ginger… carrots, green onions, and whatever else you fancy. We’ve had broccoli, tofu, bell peppers, sprouts. When it’s finished cooking, please sprinkle it with plenty of cilantro!

When we left Uganda last fall, apparently I left the cookbook with our Thai pizza recipe; so I’ve been scouring the internet ever since for something similar. It’s the sauce that’s important. The version on the Triumph Wellness website is the closest I’ve found.

Triumph Wellness’ Vegan Thai Pizza

The sauce is much thicker than I’m used to. I even added 4 tablespoons of water instead of 2. It was still quite thick, but if you let it sit on the warm crust for a minute, it spreads fine. The important part is that it tasted quite similarly to what we were missing!

I did not make her crust. I used our typical gluten free pizza crust recipe.