Gluten-Free Grain-Free Oil-Free Vegan Granola Clusters



So what, you might ask, will you put into this granola other than air? Ah. Well, buckwheat. And almond pulp. Are you making a funny face right now, thinking this recipe is taking “health food” to that place where “tasteful” flies out the window? Please. Go on over and look at the recipe, and, better yet, give it a try.

I will warn you, however, that the kids are not fans. I made this (and another granola) to help curb my husband’s reliance on boxed cereal (some habits are reeeeaaaaallly hard to break!). He liked it–said the texture reminds him of a protein bar, though, so if you don’t care for that, skip this. It’s the almond pulp, which I have in abundance in my freezer from making almond milk. I consider it a perk that my homemade milk and homemade granola are a perfect waste-nothing combination.

Blissful Buckwheat Granola Clusters (oil-free)

I did not have quite enough sunflower seeds on hand, so I added a few tablespoons of pumpkin seeds. And I didn’t have coconut sugar or coconut nectar syrup, so I used organic granulated sugar and honey (since we’re not full blown vegans, honey is an occasional part of our diet). I used almond butter instead of sunflower seed butter.