Mama Needs Green Smoothie


“You’ve got your hands full!”

Anyone with little ones has heard this more than once. I don’t care if you have one or six, having young children (even just one) is hard work. I happen to have 4 of them. I love them to the moon and back, but no one prepared me for how hard it would be to mother them! I’m sure people warned me, but no one can fully prepare you. Some days…rare days…glide by blissfully. Those are the days that fool you into thinking you’ve got this mothering thing down. Most days, however, have enough tantrums, tears, and interruptions to put you in your place: you’re no better at this than any other mother.

And then there are days like today. A day that leaves me wondering if I’m really the right woman for the job. Surely 99% of mothers are better at this than I! Did I really have to explode like that over a simple question? Granted, it was the gazillionth  time he’s asked it… But truth be told, my patience is so small today that I–I mean they– probably would be better off if I hid out in my room and let them rule the house. Now I know deep down that’s not true. But some days it sure feels true!

Those are the days I am completely, utterly, empty at the end of the day. Regardless of how much sleep I got the night before, tonight I want their bedtime to be my bedtime too. Miraculously we make it to dinner time. Supernaturally we make it to that glorious moment when prayers are prayed and lights switched off. When I look back on these days, I find myself thanking two things for our collective survival: God’s grace and my green smoothie (in that order).

This post is not about God’s grace. There’s already an awesome Book written about that. This post is about that awesome green smoothie I drink every day to give me the energy, strength, and health I need to be a mama. I created this after trying many of the already-existing recipes out there–it’s the best of a dozen (or so) recipes. That’s my humble opinion, anyway. You decide for yourself!


Mama Needs Green Smoothie

2 c. cold water

1 romaine heart, roughly chopped

{blend in high-speed blender}

4 oz. baby spinach

{blend again}

6 sprigs (or so) parsley

1/2-1 cucumber, peeled

1/2 lemon, juiced

1 large apple (or two small), quartered

1-2 kiwi, peeled

{blend again}

1 1/2 c. frozen pineapple

2 T. hemp hearts

2 T. chia seeds (or flax)

{blend on highest setting until smooth}

Makes enough to fill 2 quart-sized mason jars! I drink one and either give the other one to my husband or save it for the next day. Enjoy between plenty of little hugs and kisses to optimize effectiveness!

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