Black Bean, Sweet Potato, Quinoa Soup

oh she glows black bean sweet potato quinoa soup


Our family is still getting used to this thing called winter. Snow is great…until your brother stuffs it down the back of the shirt. Then it’s time to run crying to Mama and beg to come inside. Frost is pretty, especially when the sun’s rays turn it into a magical display of diamonds everywhere. But frost means you must where shoes to go outside. And a long-sleeved shirt. And and coat. And, heaven forbid, a hat. Who in their right mind wants to wear all that?! 

Not my dear little ones. They are accustomed to spending all day everyday outside, barefoot and–most days–shirtless. My children may not all look Ugandan, but they’re all “made in Uganda”; and this is their first full winter in the States.

So what oh what do I do to help my family adjust to this weather shock? Cook them warm, colorful food. Something to cheer us all up!

One of my personal favorites for the job is the Oh She Glows Black Bean, Sweet Potato, Quinoa Soup. The kids like it because they like anything that involves putting on their own toppings! The fact that there is chip dipping involved makes it even more of a hit, since chips are a treat in our house.



My changes: Well, let’s see. I sauteed (as usual) in water rather than the oil. I don’t keep red quinoa on hand, so I used regular ol’ white quinoa. I omitted the jalapeño and halved the cayenne for the mild-mouthed chickadees. I did add the optional spinach. What mother wouldn’t jump on an opportunity to add greens?

The favorite topping? One vote for tomatoes, two votes for avocados. I personally am a cilantro lover, so I covered my bowl with it. If I had made the cashew cream for this, I know that would have been my husband’s favorite.

When you eat this, thank God spring is just around the corner, and dream about gardening.