Cashew Cream Alfredo Sauce


Tortellini was my childhood comfort food. Of course, it had to be swimming in marinara sauce. I would first eat the outermost pieces and work my way inward to save sauciest tortellinis for those last bites.

Unfortunately, tortellini does not make it onto the meal rotation now that I’m the cook, because it has three strikes against it: gluten, dairy, and meat. But I still want my children to store up those nourishing memories that revolve around comfort food. I believe that when my children reminisce about their cherished childhood meals, (brown rice) pasta with (vegan) Alfredo sauce will be somewhere at the top.

This meal warms belly and heart, and oh does it stick to the bones (as the saying goes)! I use whatever vegetables in the fridge I don’t have a plan for…or, like the night these photos were taken, I throw in frozen vegetables. There’s no shame in frozen vegetables.

We have made Tasty Yummies’ Vegan Gluten-Free Alfredo Sauce  several times. Often I double it so we can eat it again for lunch (or dinner–who says you can’t eat the same thing two nights in a row?). This cashew-based sauce is thick and creamy. The nutritional yeast isn’t overpowering like in many vegan Alfredo recipes, and the garlic is subtle enough to keep kids from complaining and Mama’s love for it satisfied.

I don’t tweak the sauce at all…just the vegetables and pasta shape. I hope you love it as much as we do!