Vegan Creamy Broccoi Soup



I’m a soup loving woman. It’s a good thing not everyone in my family loves soup as much as I do, though, because I would probably make soup way too often :). Of all soups to get the resounding “seconds please!” approval from each and every family member (minus the one who can’t eat or talk yet!), I couldn’t be more pleased that it’s this nutrient dense creamy broccoli soup! Even the boy who sighs every soup night devoured this.

And I believe I made this in record time. We were outside enjoying the warm spring weather, and I lost track of time. I think you can tell how rushed I was by the quality of the photo! I snapped a few quick ones…none of which were in focus. But please don’t let that deter you from trying this soup. It really is delicious. And so easy to make! I threw it all together while talking to my mom on the phone, and I’m no multi-tasker. That’s how easy it is. This, friends, is a fabulous way to get broccoli into your families!

Joy the Baker’s Vegan Creamy Broccoli Soup

I omitted the Worcestershire sauce (because I didn’t have any), and I added more water (because it seemed a bit thick to me).

Does your family have a favorite plant-based soup?