About Hummingbird Natural

Hi. I’m Courtney, and I created the Hummingbird Natural blog to give me a space to review plant-based recipes I serve my family, noting changes I have made or would make in the future. If the recipe is a complete dud, I won’t bother to post it at all; but meals that wow everyone are few and far between, because mixed reviews come with the mama-of-four-wee-ones territory. I don’t worry about pleasing everyone’s taste buds, but I aim for general approval. I will be sure to make special note of those unanimous pleasers! The big test in this household is leftovers. If they enjoy it as leftovers, I know it’s a genuine hit.

I also want to share with others what I have learned through personal experience about raising a healthy family that celebrates the power of plant-based whole foods without making it the center of our universe. We are most consumed with living fully. Abundantly. What does that look like to us? Ah, well, that could be an entire blog of its own. If I had to sum it up, though, it would be this:  Cultivating wholeness and wonder, shared with others, unto the glory of Jesus.

But back to this blog. I have a few strategies/tips/lessons I’ve learned about raising a family on a plant-based diet. And I share them here, because I believe lessons and experiences are meant to be passed on, not tucked away.

Which reminds me: if you have a family-approved plant-based recipe or tip about raising a healthy, wholesome family, I am all ears! Please. Share the love.

Which reminds me: if you don’t agree with how I have chosen to feed and raise my family that is totally fine. But there’s no need to share that in this space. This space is not for debate. It’s for like-minded people to find help and encouragement.

Which reminds me (last one!): If you need help with something you think other plant-based families might need help with too, ask me. I may not know the answer, but I sure love to problem solve. And research. I love to research!

And that, my friends, is what Hummingbird Natural is about.


Courtney (Hummingbird Mama)